I recently opened a general contracting company in southern California. In order to start bidding jobs, many vendors required certain insurance coverages to be in place. After contacting BIS they were able to meet the requirements we needed at an affordable and competitive price. Since then, when needing certs of having questions BIS has always been available and provided all resources we need. I’m so glad we decided to work with them, the time and money we have saved has allowed us to grow faster as a company.

Our industry is considered “high-risk” when it comes to insurance and we were concerned about being able to even find a policy to cover our business. BIS helped educate on what precisely we needed to properly insure our operations and then delivered, in a timely manner everything we needed. Communication was great and dealing with them directly over phone or email made the process that much smoother. I would certainly recommend any company small or large to consider working with BIS to take care of all their insurance needs.

I was looking at hiring my first employee and had no idea where to begin in regard to what insurance I needed. I contact BIS and found that they were able to help, but also helped combine Workers-Comp with payroll. As a new business owner it has significantly decreased my work load and knowing I have the correct insurance in place to be compliant in California helps me sleep easy at night

I made the mistake of having different brokers controlling certain lines of business. We decided to allow BIS to come in and be the agency that takes care of all our insurance needs including our fleet of commercial vehicles. After deciding to make the switch, we haven’t looked back. Aaron has provided fantastic customer service and it’s a relief have “my guy” that I can call directly and receive whatever it is I need.

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