EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)


Employment Practice Liability Insurance or EPLI

California businesses have a 40% higher chance of being sued by an employee. In short that’s why EPLI is so important for any business with employees. EPLI covers employers against Discrimination, Wrongful Termination and Sexual harassment. This is any extremely important type of coverage if an employer wants to protect themselves against employee related lawsuits. Unlike many other forms of insurance, the name speaks for itself.

Two main factors have made it increasingly important for employers to properly protect themselves.

  1. After AB-5 came into effect there has been an influx of EPLI and independent contractor claims
  2. Lawsuits against employers have become increasingly common. If an employee chooses to sue, they possess the ability to do so, whether their claim has merit or not.

Despite these reasons, we have often seen EPLI coverage overlooked. Many professionals or executives consider Work Comp or General Liability while looking to insure their company. However, the objective of any insurance is to adequately insure your company. Anyone who owns a company typically uses it as their primary source of income and often their greatest asset. We would strongly recommend a company with employee’s on payroll to obtain this coverage.

Fortunately we offer many solutions and work with many A rated carriers to make sure your source of income continues uninterrupted for years to come.

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